Welcome to IDION (ΙΔΙΟΝ in Greek).

IDION is a lexicographic environment for the documentation of Greek idioms such as «έκανα μαύρα μάτια να δω κάποιον» = I made black eyes to see somebody = ‘I have not met somebody for a long time’ and constellations like «παιδική χαρά» = childish happiness = ‘playground’. The technical term “Multi Word Expressions (MWE)” (πολυλεκτικές εκφράσεις (ΠΛΕ)) is often used for this type of linguistic structure.

At the same time, IDION is a forum for discussion on Greek MWEs. IDION is improved and enriched with the comments and the content contributed by the wider community of Greek native speakers.

IDION is the result of a group initiative motivated by the European COST Action PARSEME (IC1207 COST Action http://typo.uni-konstanz.de/parseme/). ILSP/ “Athena” RIC kindly hosts IDION.