IDION is an environment for the thorough documentation of multiword expressions  (MWEs): information about the form, the function and the semantic and syntactic properties of MWEs can be encoded, inspected and downloaded easily along with real usage examples showcasing the encoded phenomena. IDION can accommodate data from any language or dialect. 

More particularly, for each documented MWE, IDION provides the following information:

  1. Lemma and variants
  2. Meaning in Greek and translation of the meaning in a number of languages
  3. Intensifying and mitigating modifiers
  4. A set of real usage examples retrieved with the Google search engine and marked for grammaticality and degree modification
  5. Occassionally, some ungrammatical usage examples developed by the encoders
  6. Information about the syntactic flexibility of the MWEs exemplified with real usage examples collected with the Goolge search engine
  7. Glossing
  8. UD analysis of the variants
  9. UD analysis of the usage examples
  10. A rich set of semantic relations holding between the documented MWE and other MWEs in IDION

IDION performs simple reasoning to dynamically develop  sets  of synonymous MWEs and of lexical variants. We hope that in the future, IDION's reasoning abilities will be enhanced to present wider paradigms, e.g., all multiword expressions on anger (such groups of expressions are related with a rich set of  semantic relations that may or may not include synonymy).

MWEs of two languages have been encoded so far:

  1.  Modern Greek. In addition to the above, IDION also provides a comprehensive bibliography on the topic.
  2.  Pomak (Pomak is an endangered language of the East South Slavic branch).