IDION was originally designed and developed by a group of volunteers: Panagiotis Minos (computer engineer), Erasmia Koletti, Elpiniki Margariti, Emilia Stripeli and George Zakis (linguists). Stella Markantonatou, Linguist, Research Director at ILSP/ “Athena” RIC was the coordinator.

During the  period 2020-2023, IDION underwent major revision and enrichment in the framework of the project Philotis. Main contributors were:

  • Nicolaos Valeontis (redesign of the database and the interfaces to the user and to the documentator)
  • Kiki Salveridou (supervising enrichment work)
  • Antonis Balas (documentation)
  • Georgia-Savina Apostolopoulou (documentation)
  • Maria Panagiotopoulou (documentation)

A host of young linguists have also contributed to IDION during their internships at ILSP/ATHENA RC.